Thomas & Friends: Pop Goes Thomas

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Thomas & Friends: Pop Goes Thomas

Thomas & Friends: Pop Goes Thomas

Release Date: 03/01/2011 (US)
Rating: G

Original Language    :    English
Release Date    :    03/01/2011 (US)
Genre    :    Family, Animation
Time    :    00 Hours 50 Minutes
Budget    :   
Revenue    :   

Thomas is bubbling with excitement as he delivers special cargo to the picnic extravaganza! His friend Percy joins in on the fun for a game of Hide and Seek and Emily goes full steam ahead to cheer on the Sodor soccer team! Join Thomas and your favorite engine friends as they explore the sights and delights of Sodor in these exciting episodes. Features the episodes: Pop Goes Thomas, Jitters and Japes, Thomas' Crazy Day and Pingy Pongy Pick Up.

Rating:   IMDb  / 4.5

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